Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jammin' with the Pathfinders

We took a hike around Dry Falls with beautiful views of lakes and rock formations (and extremely cute kids and dogs), and here I am with only a couple of pictures from the campground. Yep, no spare batteries. Hmmm...Becky? Any chance you got a few hike shots for me?

Ethan has been a Pathfinder for only two weeks (our club just started) and he had a blast at his first Jamboree. After three hours of Sabbath School and Church (including practice for an SS drama) and a couple more program hours on the agenda for later in the day, he was feeling a smidge put upon about all the sitting, but as it turned out a huge windstorm blew in that canceled the evening program. We did still drive up to Grand Coulee Dam for the light show, which was a major hit all around. No storm and wind up there at all, but when we returned to camp there were branches all over the place. Made it easy to decide what to do for our community service Sunday morning!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Jan, please get a life

Every year this sign returns to the fairgrounds to taunt me. Last year I managed to scrape off the errant apostrophe in "loose item's." This year, I went after "seat belt's." I can't be completely satisfied with my guerrilla editing efforts because I can't tighten the tracking on the remaining letters, but nevertheless I like to think I'm making the carnival world a slightly more delightful place.

I can't decide what to attack next year. The random comma after "Or,"? The one in "stop, before exiting"? I could tackle the comma splice in number 4 (though that would involve drawing in the top of a semi-colon, which is a bit daunting) or delete the comma and add two periods to number 2. A Sharpie would work, but that would quite honestly feel a bit TOO wicked for my law-abiding self. Maybe some concealed vinyl stickers in my purse?

(Right now you are either rolling your eyes about my freaky punctuation obsession or scouring my post for the deliciously ironic joy of finding an even more egregious example of bad grammar and punctuation. And if/when you find one, I'd like to think that you'll believe I put it in here on purpose.)

The county fair!

In Walla Walla, only schmucks pay admission to go to the fair. If you are on the ball, you enter an art project, a giant pumpkin, an amazing apple pie. (We paid admission because mom just couldn't get her act together with the entry forms and Becky, who usually reminds me and/or fills the forms out FOR me, was in Oshkosh.) We also paid an extortionate amount for rides because we have a 10-year-old who now has the height--and the nerve--to enjoy them! Aaack! When did this happen??