Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fun at the fair

Typical year at the Walla Walla fair--we each scrounged up a work of art to enter (scoring 2 blue and a white ribbon) so we could attend for free. Then we spent all the money we saved on too much fair food.

We weren't terribly surprised to find the Democratic booth looking like a ghost town. (Either there are no Dems in Walla Walla or they had all snuck away from their posts to watch the Obama speech.) We also weren't surprised to find errant apostrophes on the signs in the carnival area. (PEOPLE! Just because there's an S in a word doesn't mean it needs an apostrophe!) I managed to scrape one off in item #4, but the other was too big and near the ground to get without being caught. I'll Be Back.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Crater Lake

We lined up early for boat tickets to Wizard Island and had a nice morning hike down to the lake. Unfortunately, Ethan got sick while on the boat, which cut our ride short. (The plus was he had Ranger Wendy all to himself on the way back to the dock.) The walk back up the hill would have been unpleasant on any day, but it was hot and we had a pretty sick boy to try to keep motivated. The only way he survived the drive back to Salem was our promise that Grandma would cook whatever he wanted for dinner and would take good care of him!


After the alternator died, we were stuck overnight in Williams, California. As near as I can tell, this town's redeeming features consist only of delicious gelato (which we all tried) and a fairly jaw-dropping selection of beer (which none of us tried!). Also, the shop guys who helped us get fixed up and ready to go were pretty swell.

A stop in the city


Ethan wasn't sure what he liked better about Mountain View--Brian or his Wii.

Narrow guage railroad through the redwoods

Ethan is crazy for the redwoods. And though we have left the Thomas the Tank Engine days mostly behind, we all enjoyed a train ride. (He probably won't mind my revealing that he did watch some Thomas videos with Hayden!)

Out and about in San Jose

We all loved the tech museum. Ethan had a robot build me an extremely important message and he got to design a roller coaster and then ride his own design on the simulator.

Meeting baby Kaylee

We admit we fought over her a little, though her parents probably wish we'd fought over her at 3 a.m. I made her the little outfit in the picture where I'm holding her--I hope she grows into it someday!

Sweet baby!

Here's Spring with the new bambino, the tiny thing who convinced us to make a spontaneous trip to Mountain View in spite of being out of vacation time (not to mention money). Turned out to be totally an excellent idea. We were practically fighting over who got to hold her next. All babies are cute, I suppose, but this one was particularly beautiful, well-behaved, witty, talented and intelligent. My camera batteries died shortly after taking this (blurry) photo, so there will be a big gap in the blog until I manage to get Cliff's photos downloaded. Will fill in later.

The trip home was not quite as lovely as hours of baby-holding. Fortunately, there is very little photographic record of the bad stuff as it involved a broken-down van, forgotten suitcases and lots of vomiting.