Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh, the filth

An hour or so after Cliff and Ethan headed off to watch the annual Mud Bowl--a game of high school football played in a well-watered field--I got a phone call. Cliff just wanted to let me know...that he had given in and decided to let the boy play in the sidelines. Apparently, Ethan was most interested in tackling freshman girls (supposedly because they were the easiest to tackle). This picture is what he looked like AFTER being hosed off by the fire department. And check out the bathwater. Ewwwww.

Is he going to do it again next year? "Mmmm-hmmm. Totally."

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Table of Contents

We don't usually find ourselves in a bar on a Saturday night...especially a bar in Waitsburg. (OK, never.) But we were assured this one had a family-friendly side and soft drinks, and I work with two guys from the band, Karl Michelbach (guitar, vocals) and Joe Osborne (bass, vocals). The third member of the band was Paul Johnson (drums, vocals). Not only are these guys extremely cute (at least in my semi-elderly opinion) they're also booky enough to perform a song based on a Somerset Maugham novel. (As the band name attests.)

Jennifer Crane opened with an acoustic performance that sounded like most of my CD collection--she's good. I wanted to turn down the volume a smidge to hear the lyrics better, but this may just mean I'm too old for live music.

The venue jimgermanbar was a great space with yummy snack food right across from the Whoopemup Hollow Cafe. They were full all evening or we would have gone for the total Waitsburg experience.

Here's what the fuss is all about

Reading the Union-Bulletin last week, I was quite intrigued by a letter complaining about a local painting project. Seems the guy is across the street from a warehouse that was recently painted by "some so-called 'artists'"...and he's not happy about it. Really unhappy. To use his word, he's "infuriated."

A few phrases he used to describe the project:
"billboard-sized monstrosity"
"giant, brightly rainbow colored, kitschy, cartoon-looking graffiti"
"a disgusting, eye-piercing slather of infantile coloring"
"absolutely horrible"
"a Disney-style invasion of the senses"
"a shocking, over-saturated, blazing Technicolor-like palette"

The only thing I possibly enjoy more than looking at great art is looking at really, really bad art. So how could I resist?

However, the whole family was disappointed. Ethan's comment: "Are you sure this is the right spot?" Of course, we don't have to look at it every day, but it didn't quite inspire the horror we were expecting.

Please, please...weigh in on the issue with your comments: Is it eye-piercing? Offensive? Merely kitschy? Would you consider this an improvement on the blank side of a metal building or an assault on your senses?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Walk to Defeat ALS

This was the first year for the ALS walk to come this close to our home, so we really felt we needed to support it! (Especially since I was persuaded to go on Blue Mountain TV with Carrie Fernald and Julie Sanders Keymer the week before promoting it...) Only two things to complain about at the Tri-Cities walk: the weather and, of course, the lack of my brilliant face painting services. Maybe next year I'll just bring a table and my brushes and start messing up faces on my own. (Mothers, beware!)

We joined the Carrie's Rollers team this time and enjoyed a nice walk along the Columbia River. Cassie enjoyed meeting Carrie's schnauzer, Gracie.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fundraising efforts

Wow...the bake sale at my office raised more than $275. Added to pledges from our friends, Ethan's fundraising surpassed his $500 goal by $50! Should I say "so far"...? Some of that money just came in today, so who knows, the total could still grow.

Sept. 27 update: Ethan's total just hit $725 (including the $60 we put towards Carrie's team for the Tri-Cities walk)! We're all having a little trouble believing this. Thanks, everybody!

Pictures my dad would have loved

I wish Dad could have seen Tom's LITTLE Troopers!

A few ALS Walk teams

Tom's Troopers, Team Todd McConnachie, Brian's Brigade, Chuck's Chicks, Sunflowers for Jeni...these were just a few of the teams representing their loved ones with ALS. I especially enjoyed Jeni's team because it was so much fun painting sunflowers on their cheeks! Talking with her daughter, I learned Jeni's house and garden were full of sunflowers and that her battle with ALS ended at 43. My age.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Getting ready for the ALS walk

We finished the team t-shirts and Cassie has her flame-themed bandana ready for the walk. The team has come a long way..."Tom's Troopers" has about twice as many walkers as last year, plus we'll be looking quite official in our bright orange shirts. Now all we need to do is raise some money!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Portland weekend

This whole weekend was about meeting Brenda, but did we manage to get a picture of her? Afraid not! We did catch Ethan helping paint a car at the arts festival, petting a snake at OMSI, and enjoying the train ride home. We are already thinking about our next Portland trip.