Thursday, April 26, 2007

My husband, the actor

No, this isn't him; this is Charlotte. It's the only picture I got before my batteries died. Stupid camera.

New fascination

Making Hot Wheels formations. Of course, it's better with the sound effects.

Medical supplies...or toys

A cuddle with Grandpa

Quite a pair...and they're getting better at communicating via ALS charades.

My son, the actor

Despite a moment of panic when he couldn't remember a line, the kid made a fantastic Haman. Wonder why he always ends up playing the villain...?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Junior First Lego League

We spent our (early) Sunday morning with the Super Nano Explorers team! For their entry, they made a building, then zoomed in to make part of the building's elevator shaft, then zoomed in more to make the elevator's control panel. At the competition, the reviewers assigned the challenge to zoom in or out one more level; the kids decided to zoom out and make a town. The children who took two months to decide on one building (the three boys on the team were only children, if that gives you any idea of how the teamwork went) threw together a pretty cute little town in 30 minutes!

Gotta love deadlines.

The bottom photo might be Ethan flirting with a judge...don't tell the other teams!

Happy birthday, BW!

For Becky's birthday, we went out for pedicures...and then had a little cake in the park. There was even a pinata...a leftover from her son's last birthday when it was too rainy to use it. The kids had a great time, and my dear boy scored me some Smarties. Yum.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Recycled art

We were a little skeptical about some of the entries in the recycled art contest. For example, does it really count as recycling if you make something out of disposable stuff that is brand NEW?? Teri pointed out some plates that looked like they'd never touched food. And I hope the person who made the fabulous kimono didn't go to Macy's and Staples and ask for bags for an art project.... Not that I am a paragon of recycling myself.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Some set!

We stopped by the set of Charlotte's Web for a quick peek. Lots of really cool old boards. And, of course, an awesome web awaiting a gifted writer.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


It's hard to tell exactly where all the legs are in this picture, but it always amazes me how cats can seem comfortable in such strange, twisted positions.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Read on

No more window-sill-in-spine when we sit up in bed and read! The headboard was a fun project--a chunk of plywood, a strip of foam, some soft fabric and a bunch of staples. Very comfy. The colors aren't very accurate...the "color scheme" for this room is supposed to be sort of a turquoisey blue and a mossy green. But I am decor-challenged. Still, the project passed the most important test; it was a great place to read Little House on the Prairie. (I look forward to this part of the day way too much.)

Origami outburst

Here are a few crane attempts. The giant lightbulb, by the way, is from my desk at work. I think it is supposed to remind me to get ideas. Bright ones. Of course, the bulb inside it is about .5 watts, so if I don't, it's not really my fault.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Whitman Mission

The birds were going crazy, the weather was perfect, and what 8-year-old boy wouldn't love visiting a historical site that features a massacre?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Best buddies

Samantha lives across the street and Matthew lives right behind her. How lucky can a kid get? Which reminds me, there is a house for sale around the corner if any of MY friends are in the market....

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

And one more thing...

Thanks to the blog visitors from Salem, Walla Walla and Minnesota who didn't give up on me during the March funk!

A boy and his pig

Here's a cameraphone shot from our trip to Seattle. The dad and the boy walked all over Seattle, and my parents and I walked all over Virginia Mason seeing ALS specialists. That night I joined the guys on a walk to Pike Place Market (the market was closed, but the pig was there) and the Spaghetti Factory. The next day Dad rested up from all his appointments while I joined the guys on a walk to the ferry and a ride to Bainbridge Island. That night we went up the Space Needle, which I was shocked to find was $37 for the three of us. Is it just me, or is that a lot??

I even managed to talk the spouse into a visit to Uwajimaya, where I bought three packs of origami paper. After we came home, I made 17 origami boxes and 5 cranes. (This origami outburst was apparently part of the March funk, because I'm over it now.)

There's nothing more heartwarming...

...than a boy and his fake dog. Or maybe I should say fake aunt's dog. Or borrowed dog.

We don't have a dog.

I [heart] barns

When we're driving in the country I can't help sticking my camera out the window for barn pictures. Or wishing we'd brought it along.

Boo Radley tree

Somehow I always expect to find little messages tucked into this tree.

ALS fundraiser

Charlene (also known in our family as "the angel") organized ALS fundraisers and helped with a luncheon in celebration of my dad's 9th anniversary with Principal. Here she's presenting him with a check to be given to the ALS Association in his name. The employees at Principal raised over $1,500.

Dr. Jane's visit

The Quite Fabulous Dr. Jane Goodall came to Pullman, so we naturally had to go. She was inspiring like church. The boy and I signed up for a group and are trying to think of some Roots & Shoots projects. The line to meet her was so long that for her to sign our book, she would have had to sign until about 4 a.m. So we settled for a picture of her and Mr. H.

Excuses, excuses

I do have them.

1. March funk.
2. Lost camera.
3. Out of town for a week.
4. Unicel. While my new phone is way sexier (sooooo cute, and opens like a Star Trek communicator) than my old one, I can't e-mail photos to the blog now, and that used to be my fallback for vacations and procrastination updates.