Saturday, March 03, 2007

One great day

We thought a drive to Pendleton would be beautiful today (snow on mountains and everything). It was a little foggy for the drive to be perfect, but we went to the Tamastslikt museum and saw an amazing percussionist (who played a beautiful song on a plastic hubcap he'd picked up by the road on the way here) and an even more amazing Native American storyteller (who told some spellbinding stories especially for Ethan, who asked "Do Indians ever use songs to tell stories?"). After this we were starving (it was about 5 and we'd missed lunch), so we went to a cafe in Pendleton and had super good pizza. And root beer. Mmmmmmm. While a bunch of banjo, bass and fiddle players played folk music. On the way home the moon was huge and gorgeous...and deserved a better camera.